How to Succeed at Real estate Investing (Purchasing Investment Properties)

How to Succeed at Real estate Investing (Purchasing Investment Properties)

Property management, Joint ventures and wholesaling are some mediums in which investors can profit from real estate, but it takes smartness and the positivity to succeed in this competitive ground.

While certain schools, colleges and universities offer degrees and programs that are beneficial to real estate investors, a degree is not necessarily a footstone to profitable real estate investing. Real estate is a challenging venture that requires organization, talent, networking and patience. Whether you as a real estate investor has a degree or not, there are certain qualities that the best real estate investors possess.

These are the 10 practices that highly successful real estate investors wade into:

  1. Mapping a plan
  2. Knowledge of the market
  3. Honesty
  4. Growing a niche
  5. Growing audience
  6. Get educated and updated
  7. Knowing the risks
  8. Work with an accountant
  9. Ask for help from partners
  10. Making connections

Mapping a plan

Investors and future real estate investors must take their real estate dealings as a business in order to ascertain and achieve their goals. A business plan allows investors to visualize and forecast the big future, which helps nurtures focus on the goals rather minor setbacks that would ensue occasionally when building the business. Real estate investing is demanding, and a groomed plan can keep investors organized and in line with all activities of the business.

Knowledge of the market

One of the easiest ways to circumvent problems when investing in real estate is to have a knowledge of the market. You should know how much the standard house in a community is worth per square foot and the rent charged for a particular investment property. Renovate houses and properties in designs that make it more appealing to the potential buyer. For example, you should not reduce the bedroom count in a house meant for a family. Don’t remove a good yard for a pool if there is little demand for it.  Pick the best real estate markets which has seen steady growth in real estate.


Real estate investors are usually not forced to show off particular ethics. It would be easy to take advantage of the situation that most successful real estate investors maintain high ethical standards. Since real estate investing involves people, the professional reputation is likely to be far-reaching. Effective real estate investors know it is better to be fair in their businesses.

Growing a niche

Taking the time to build a niche is paramount to success. Once a particular market is mastered, the investor can move on to other areas using the same key approaches he or she used.

Growing audience

Referrals generate a large portion of a real estate investor’s revenue, so it is crucial that investors treat others with respect. This includes business partners, associates, clients, architects, brokers, renters, and anyone in the business relationship. Successful real estate investors pay attention to detail, listen and respond to complaints. They also represent their business in professional manner. When the word goes out, it encourages potential clients in doing business with the real estate investor.

Get educated and updated

It is important to keep up to date with the laws, regulations and trends that form real estate investor’s business. Real estate laws must not be ignored or broken. Successful real estate investors stay educated and adapt to frequent regulatory changes or economic trends.

Knowing the risks

The best way to manage risk is by avoiding oneself going deeply into debt. When buying an investment property, try at least to put 10% down. Another risk management tactic is to maintain a large cash reserve. It helps to reduce the risk of having to sell a property fast at a loss.

Work with an accountant

Investors are aware of the risk that comes with employing an accountant since it has to do with money. Trust is the factor here but it is better to have one who will manage cash flow in a business venture that runs with risk and excess in-flow.

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Ask for help from partners

Learning the real estate investing business is challenging for someone sailing the sea alone. Successful real estate investors often credit part of their success to others – a mentor, lawyer, or a supportive friend. It is essential to ask for help when a business hit the storms.

Make connections

A network provides support and create opportunities for both fresh and experienced real estate investors. This group comprises of mentors, business partners, clients, or members of non-profit organizations that allows investors to support one another.



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