The Bane of Being a Real Estate Agent and How to Work Around Them

The Bane of Being a Real Estate Agent and How to Work Around Them

As real estate gurus, we love our jobs and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. However, there are times we get tempted to close shop, go home and start applying for a 9-5 job. If you have felt this way before, you are perfectly normal- it happens to the best of us.

Saying a real estate business is difficult is putting it mildly- it is can be stressful as untying a Gordian knot. It has it downsides and challenges especially for those who are just testing the waters. These are some of the challenges associated with being a real estate broker;


Financial constraints

Real estate business differs from your normal salaried job. You only “eat” when a deal pulls through. This can be mind-boggling especially after you must have invested a truckload of time and energy into a deal only to discover that it might not pan out nicely.

Advice: If you want to stay afloat in the real estate world, you have to keep your budget in check, so that you are not shaken in days of plentiful or famine. Moreso, budding real estate brokers are advised to save some cash before starting out. It is important to have cash stashed somewhere so that you can fall back on it while you advance in your new career.



In the real sense of the world, real estate agents are not just estate brokers. They take up the roles of marketers, brand strategists and much more. Some realtors fall flat on their faces when they hit a dead-end and realize that they didn’t get adequate training on how to man their business.

Wearing many hats can be nerve-wracking and only a few survive the ordeal.

Advice: Generating leads, marketing and branding are skills that take some time to understand. You have to be patient to learn them. You can get a mentor to give you an insight about the above named business skills or you can revamp yourself by reading online.


Off-hours work

One of the most challenging aspects of being in the real estate field is having to work at odd hours. In most cases, homeowners and buyers work the traditional 9-5, and may only be available to catch up with real estate agents during the weekend or in the evenings. It might break your heart to go for a property inspection while others are unwinding on a Friday night.

Advice: You can hire an extra hand to take your clients to a site for an inspection whenever you can’t make it. Your assistant can show your clients around while you attend to pressing needs. Alternatively, you can invest in a lock box where you can drop the key to the property. Usually, the keys are secured with a passcode for a few trusted clients who might need to access the building in your absence.


Dealing with different personalities

Real estate agents meet the good, the bad and the ugly during the span of their careers. Even the real estate agents with excellent peoples skills get burned out at some point when they must have dealt with a wide range of persons whose personalities is a far-cry from theirs.

Real estate dealings can unravel the best or even worst in clients and even fellow realtors.

Advice: Adaptation is key. You should be willing to learn how to deal with the various personalities you come in contact with to ensure that everyone is satisfied at the end of the day.


Like any other career, real estate comes with its downs. However, real estate agents are encouraged to see every obstacle as a stepping stone. Every challenge you encounter in your real estate journey will hone your business skills in the long run.



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