The Most opulent Real Estate Locations in Nigeria

The Most opulent Real Estate Locations in Nigeria

As the need for high-end real estate rises in Nigeria, the prices of homes in some of the finest locations in the country goes on an upward spiral. A vast majority of the extravagant real estate homes in Nigeria are sprawled in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Cross River.

A myriad of residents can only fantasize about becoming landlords in these plush locations as the houses are mainly snagged by the overclass, the rich and the upper echelon of the society. We bring you the most ostentatious real estate locations in Nigeria;

Banana Island

Nestled in the heart of Ikoyi in Lagos, is the deluxe Banana Island which was named after a banana for its curved shape. Banana Island is home to some of Nigeria’s crème de le crème like Mike Adenuga, Sayyu Dantata and famed blogger, Linda Ikeji.

Banana Island is the posterchild of rich real estate location in Nigeria. With a minimum of N500,000 million, you can cop a house for yourself. If you favor renting, you can shell out at least N12,000,000 to rent a three bedroom apartment per annum.

Wondering what the hype is all about? A visit to the tranquil island which boasts of well-trimmed lawns, winding roads and charming flowers will cast your doubts away. The high-end utility system in the island is simply otherworldly.


Situated in the middle of Abuja is the scenic Asokoro which is one of the draw-cards of Abuja and Nigeria at large. Asokoro is an ultra-expensive and big-ticket district in Abuja which is a heaven and haven for top-shots in the town.

Few of the renowned world-class organizations which call Asokoro are ECOWAS, WHO, and the NIA. It shouldn’t be surprising to know that Asokoro is the home of the first citizen of the country- Aso Rock.

If you want to be in the same league with the big-shots, you can cough out a whooping N500,000 million on a property.


Tucked in a vantage point in Abuja, is the luxuriant Maitaima which is home to an arsenal of high commissions, embassies and government officials. The posh location is a dwelling abode for the “who-is-who” in Nigeria. It shouldn’t come as a shock to find some iconic buildings like the British Council, Minister’s Hill and Transcorp Hilton in this expensive area of Abuja.

To become a property owner in Maitaima, you should be willing to splurge a minimum of N500,000 million naira. The peace and quiet in Maitaima is one of the few perks dwellers and visitors get when they visit the place. The well-paved roads, near-perfect house planning and bespoke architecture are sights for sore eyes.

Nicon Town

Situated in the lively region of Lekki is Nicon Town which is home to big contractors, socialites, government officials and businesspersons. A property in this area of Lagos is sold for as high as N400,000 million and even more.


Perched in the boisterous area of Abuja is the drawcard town of Jabi. Jabi is home to the famous Jabi Lake which serves as a hotspot for water sports enthusiasts and individuals who want to unwind. Jabi is a favorite amongst the rich because it boasts of many luxurious homes. If you want to be a property owner in Jabi, you should be willing to spend about N400,000 million and more.



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