The Qualities of a Good Real Estate Lawyer

The Qualities of a Good Real Estate Lawyer

No one is perfect but when it comes to issues pertaining to real estate, you have to make everything near perfect to avoid stress and disappointments. One of the most important things to look into when planning to buy a property is getting an avant-garde real estate lawyer.

A good real estate lawyer is like gold, it shouldn’t come as a shock to know that they are hot in demand. While getting a seasoned lawyer might be one of the best things you do in your property business, it is imperative to look out for some qualities before hiring one.

It is advisable to interview of at least a handful of professional lawyers to see if they meet your requirements. These are some of the qualities to search for when hiring a cutting-edge real estate lawyer.


Total commitment

Real estate is big business. When searching for a lawyer to handle your project, it is vital to go for a full-time lawyer. While practicing law part-time is not entirely bad, part-time lawyers might be too engrossed with other personal commitments to put your business first. It will be better for you to go for a lawyer that is fully dedicated to your plans.


Licensed lawyer within the state where your property is located

This is the mistake most homeowners make. A plethora of lawyers may reject customers who would require their services in a state outside where they care licensed, while others may not. Endeavor to investigate if the lawyer you plan to hire is eligible to practice in the state where you want to carry out the business transaction.


Proper Investigation

Legislation in real estate vary between states, and even different areas in a state can have different real estate legislative law. While lawyers without a deep knowledge of a local area can deliver the legal services required of them, it will be best for you to hire a lawyer who has an understanding of the local area the property you plan to invest in is located.

Prospective homeowners/ sellers can beat their competitors to a deal if they have a lawyer that has a comprehensive knowledge of the practices of the local area.


Performance history

A lawyer’s credentials is a tell-tale sign of his accomplishments. For example, if you are handling a case that has to do with scam, your go-to lawyer should be one who has a history of handling such cases and becoming victorious afterwards. At this point, we must stress that experience should not be mistaken for performance history.

Some lawyers have garnered experience but only a select few have been successful in handling cases.


First-rate communication skills

The lawyer acts as the mouthpiece when issues arise between two parties. As the middleman who conveys information from his client to the other party, your lawyer’s communication skills should be top-notch. Lawyers who lack good communication skills can cause issues to escalate quickly into full-fledged war. When hiring a lawyer, carefully search for one with superior people skills.


Professional lawyers are a rare breed, when you find the one with above mentioned qualities, keep him and cherish him for life.



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