Tips for Becoming a Professional Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

Tips for Becoming a Professional Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

The real estate business in Nigeria is at an all-time high, especially in busy towns of the country. As the population of the country and housing needs skyrocket, so does the demand for real estate agents.

In the bid to bridge the gap for constant demand of real estate agents, you find every Tom, Dick and Harry turning to the real estate business. To separate yourself from the crowd, you have to go the extra mile to hone your professional skills. These are some few tips to put into consideration if you want to become a knowledgeable real estate agent.

Top-notch communication skills:

Forget it, if your communication skills as real estate agent is poor, it will be difficult for property buyers and sellers to have a smooth ride. The real estate business is time-dependent, so as an agent you are mandated to keep prospective buyers and sellers abreast of any new development to avoid spending too much time in a property that may not be worth it. Always endeavor to maintain communication with your clients.  

Stay Proactive

Go the extra mile for your customers and clients. Communicate with them and inform them of any new developments. Do not let your clients call you first before you place a call across to them. Be attentive to their needs and demands.

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Be a good listener

A lousy realtor is a pain on the side. The only person who is expected to do the talking most of the time is the client. The agent’s job is to listen attentively to note the salient points and the customer’s special needs. A professional real estate agent is required to ask questions only when necessary.

It is also pivotal for real estate agents to know the modus operandi of their clients. While some clients may love to communicate with their agent via emails, a few others may favour a text message or just a phone call.  

Be Client-friendly

One of the tips for becoming a seasoned real estate professional in Nigeria is that you have to learn to put your client first. A good real estate agent will always ensure that his client gets the best deal because what that means is that he also gets a good deal.

Putting a property up for sale or buying one can be quite a daunting task so it is imperative that the housing agent makes his client feel elated and encouraged all through the process.  

Know the area like the back of your hand

An estate agent can only be seen as a professional if he has an in-depth knowledge of the local area in which the property he plans to sell is located. It is essential for clients to patronize real estate agents who know everything about the environment of a proposed property. Knowing the in and out of the local area prevents you from going for properties that you might regret buying in the long run.

To stay on top of your game, ensure that have mastered the art of learning about the local lifestyle of a certain area.  

Reference list

To become a professional realtor, you must be willing to refer your prospective clients to the clients you have worked with in the past. Passing on testimonials does not only foster trust, it shows your clients if you are up to the task.   Whenever you have an intending property buyer, suggest giving him/her the contact address of at least 10 of the clients you have worked with in the recent past. They will hold you in high esteem.

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